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Some New Books Edited by Barbara...

First Place Winner: 2019 CIPA Book Awards
A Memoir of Love and Inevitability

Lois Tschetter Hjelmstad

The Rage
A Novel

Lassiter Williams

Adventures with Bob
Life as a World Traveler and Serial Entrepreneur

Bob Battaglia

The Timeshare
A novel

*Nominated for the Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal
Ari Shaffer

Who Will Love Me
Choosing hope in the unexpected journey of caring for my sister with disabilities after the death of our parents

Kaleen Marshall

The Poetic Path to Getting More Done
Mark Ellwood

Over the Rainbow
From a Stormy Path to a Future Full of Color

Pam Ella Jantz

A Boy Named Broccoli
How I Came to Fall in Love with a Classroom of Deaf Students

Laurel Robinson

Accidentally Adamant
A Story of a Girl Who Questioned Convention, Broke the Mold and Charted a Course Off Map

Tisha Schuller
Foreword by John W. Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

Heart Smart for Women
Six Steps in Six Weeks to Heart-Healthy Living

Jennifer Mieres, MD, Stacy Rosen, MD

No Cheatin’, Just Eatin’
My Successful Love/Hate Relationship with Food

Mary Jo Fay

If the Customer’s the Co-Pilot, You’re in the Wrong Seat
Brian Dennis

The Chief and His Marine
B.A. Sherman

The Wound, a short story
B.A. Sherman

The New Put Old on Hold
How You Can Stay Youthful Longer and Live the Life Your Really Want—
even When Tradition Says You Can’t (or Shouldn’t)

Barbara Morris
see article

The Nitty Gritty of Managing Diabetes
Personalizing Your Approach Through Determination, Perseverance and Balance

Gina Meagher

Growing Up Carrie, a Novel
E.D. Massey

Second Chances, a Novel
E.D. Massey

Music, Memory and Meaning
How to Effectively Use Music to Connect with Aging Loved Ones

Meredith Hamons, Tara Jenkins, and Cathy Befi-Hensel

Awakening Your Creative Voice: Women in a World of Possibility
Elsie Ritzenhein

First French Essais: Venturing into Writing, Marriage and France
Kristin Espinasse

French Brunch at Home
Baking with Le Petit Croissant,
Book 1

Leah Johnson

Carried by Faith
From a Life of Substance Abuse to a Life Filled with Miracles: A memoir

Sue L. Hamilton

Dr. Bob’s Guide to a Healthy Marriage; Your Blueprint for Before and After “I Do”
Dr. Robert DeMaria with Debbie DeMaria

A Wild &Wonderful Life with Jesus
Say Yes to Your Immeasurably More Jesus Story

Susan Campbell

Allergy Hospitality Cookbook
65 Familiar Recipes Every Guest Can Eat and Enjoy

Margaret Dyck Schmitt

Sacrificial Child, a Novel
Elizabeth Hall



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Some recent testimonials...

“It was a pleasure to work on my second book with Barb Munson. I was fortunate to find not just an editor but a committed partner who has meticulous editing skills and who caught numerous inconsistencies that otherwise would have been published. Barb is diligent, quick and extremely reliable. She made my book better – period!”
Brian Dennis, author of If the Customer’s the Co-pilot, You Are in the Wrong Seat

“Working with Barbara Munson has been a sheer delight. She is professional to a fault. She keeps me on task, checking consistency, spelling, typos, tone, and word choice. More especially, I  value her as an editorial guide, an enthusiastic cheerleader, and a trusted friend. She is indeed a Power Woman.”
Patricia Sargent, Ed.D., Power Women: Lessons from the Ancient World

“I have worked with Barbara on four of my psychological thrillers so far. As an author of a series I have to keep my plots in order…key points in the story line are crucial for later on in the story to provide the reader a thrilling ending. Barbara has been a key element in my success. Along with being talented, she is opinionated and outspoken, and I wouldn't have it any other way! A great editor to work with!”
B.A. Sherman, author of The Cabin, The Truth, and the Greg Dorn Series: The Test and The One.

“Without Barb's kind and thoughtful involvement with my book, Caught Between the Bettys: A Memoir, I doubt it would have had the impact it has...I truly could not have done it without her.”
Alice Borodkin, speaker, author, advocate

 “This lady is super amazing! I simply cannot give her a big enough thank you.  She turned my words and ramblings into an organized balanced piece of work that I’m very proud of. She was patient, encouraging, challenging, and an absolute pleasure to work with throughout this endeavor. Her experience and skill set is among the highest in her field.”
Kevin Simpson, author of Royal Bitch: Understanding and Appreciating Your Female Dog

“Barb, your partnership has been the rock that I count on. I know you will always be there with a voice that is real, telling me what I need to hear, not necessarily what I want to hear--you are the strength that has kept me going to finish and finish strong!”
Patrice Jackson, Adventure, Day One: Seven Positive Strategies when Life’s Journey Gets Rough

“Your contribution was invaluable…”
Patricia Ann Reid, The Poinsettia that Saved the Emperor: An Aztec Legend

“You helped coax the book out of my heart.”
Doug Koktavy, The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer: Lessons on Living and Dying
from My Canine Brother,
recipient of 14 book awards

“Skill, coupled with integrity. That's Barb!”
James R. Miller, After the Purple Heart: A Novel

“If you are looking for someone you can trust to polish up your manuscript or book proposal, I give Barb Munson my highest recommendation. She is honest and straightforward, while always keeping the needs of the author foremost in her work. I would hire Munson Communications again in a heartbeat for my next book.”
John W. Quinn, Someone Like Me: An Unlikely Story of Challenge and Triumph Over Cerebral Palsy

“Barbara, truly I couldn’t have done it without you. By the time you worked your magic, I had an exceptional product. I appreciate your responsiveness, creativity and amazing insight.”
Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn, It Really Is That Simple

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“My biggest thank you goes to my editor, Barbara Munson. I dropped a great idea on Barb‘s desk in an incomprehensible state of chaos. Barb directed the writing, re-writing and endless editing and helped coax the book out of my heart with focused small writing projects. Barb‘s superb editing and writing skills turned this into a better book than I could ever have imagined.”

Doug Koktavy, The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer

“Barb is an exceptional editor with a keen eye for character development, plot, structure, point-of-view, and pacing. Her professional abilities and intuitive wisdom form a rare blend of skill and soul. She is the real deal, the editor you dream of having, and, at the end of your collaborative endeavor, a friend you can count on for years.”

James Miller, Howling Across Bridges

“Barbara, truly I couldn’t have done it without you. By the time you worked your magic, I had an exceptional product. I appreciate your responsiveness, creativity and amazing insight.”

Jennifer Allan, author, Sell with Soul

“Barbara combines the highest professionalism with enthusiastic personal attention to enhance the success of your project. She is a delight to work with, providing clear communication, excellent support, and pertinent advice. I am looking forward to working with her on my next book.”

Jan DeCourtney, CMT, coauthor of
Recapture Your Health


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